New Implementation - Cache System


Using flat text file as storage instead of proper SQL database, we have two main problems usually: data security, and data extraction efficiency. In this update, I mainly focus on the latter.

As a performance test, I generated 500 test posts automatically, and the result was BAD. The Pages took a very long time to load. The main reason for that was all the plugins and index page tend to load all the posts files into memory and process them in every page request. Reading a big file into memory isn't a problem, but when there are a large number of files, even small files, it just takes forever to open them.

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New Look! The classic Facebook Theme.

Try it out and take a look:
1. Facebook theme Demo
2. Switch back to Default theme.

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"Modulization"! - Adding Plugins to SimBlog

What happened?

I added a new system of managing blog plugins, which is widely used in places like WordPress. I will explain the reason why and the implementation briefly.

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We can now leave comments on posts!

Spent a few nights designing and building the comment system. Most of the time was working on re-constructing the file system to suit the comment functionality. And finally I just finished the front end art work (CSS and Javascript) and I am quite happen with it.

Take a look  and leave me a comment here :-)

Basically the idea is visitors have to fill out a number of details to post a comment: name, email address, comment message, and a human-verification code (to avoid abuses). Admin can manage comments of each post, by manage I am delete, but no editing allowed.

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We can now upload photos in the Posts!

Blogging will be so boring without pictures! Therefore let me introduce you our new uploading tool! This is how it's going to work at the moment.

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