Welcome to SimBlog! SimBlog is an open source PHP CMS to manage simple blog-like websites. The name came from 'Simple Blog CMS', and it's just dead simple!

Great features such as:

  • No SQL database required, local file storage.
  • No setup required: simply copy the files to your website directory, and it just works!
  • Open source, you can taylor it to suit your needs!
  • Super light weight and clean!
  • No Ad!

The project will become open source once we have reached version 2.0, and I will published the code in the download section.

A little history

SimBlog started in September 2012.

It all began with one incidence in an evening: I was thinking to setup a blog for my cooking recipe, and I wanted to use my own domain name. I was really tired of reading through the WordPress documentation, and my free web hoster didn't support SQL database. So I had no options but to look for a blog template that doesn't require SQL database, or I write my own one! And two days later, the first version of SimBlog was published on this website!


Something about myself, my name is Oscar Liang, and I am the founder and developer of SimBlog. More about me can be found on my website: www.oscarliang.net.