Menu can now support external hyperlinks!

We now have a new way of setting up menu and hyperlink:

Menu_Name1_ : _Menu_File_Name1
Menu_Name2_ : _Menu_File_Name2
Menu_Name3_ : _
Menu_Name3_ : _

"Menu_Name" is the title that appears in the menu. "Menu_File_Name" is the name of the article in the data folder. If this is replaced by a hyperlink, it will take the viewer to that link when menu is clicked.

Note that "http://" must be there to indicate a hyperlink (checked by Regex in header view).

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Student Picture and Information List Generator


I used to work in a school. Staff who manage students constantly need to look up information from a sheet of document that they prepared in advance and printed out. It contains a picture of the student a several keyinformationsuch full name, age, etc.

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Pagination and New Archive View

Rolling Link!

Cool CSS effect, check this out! Welcome to SimBlog!
This effect will be applied within a post.

Code Block

Check out the new code block! It will looks so nice when it comes to displaying a piece of code! :)

int main ()
cout << "Hello World!";
return 0;

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We now support Chinese Characters as well! 最新版本还能支持中文呢!



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