Pagination and New Archive View

Rolling Link!

Cool CSS effect, check this out! Welcome to SimBlog!
This effect will be applied within a post.

Code Block

Check out the new code block! It will looks so nice when it comes to displaying a piece of code! :)

int main ()
cout << "Hello World!";
return 0;


Posts are divided into pages on the index page of the blog, the number of posts shown at once is decided by the admin. Readers can view though pages of post previews by clicking buttons at the end of the page.

Also on a opened post view, readers can now easily check and open the next or last post by going down to the end of the post. This is useful for example if the post is part of acontinuoustopic.

New Archive View

The new Archive view gives the reader a much cleaner overview of all the posts sorted by date. This is also applied to category query.