We can now upload photos in the Posts!

Blogging will be so boring without pictures! Therefore let me introduce you our new uploading tool! This is how it's going to work at the moment.

First of all, this is how it looks like.

Sorry I haven't decided on the icon for this tool yet, so at the moment it will be blank. But that's not going to stop us! 

When it's clicked, a new window will pop up and an upload form appears. 

Simply choose a file and press 'upload', a page with the image URL and image preview returns:

Next, let's insert an image in the post with the URL we got returned:

Deng Deng Deng Deng! There is the image in the post!

This is not ideal and we want to do all this with just the 'insert image' button, but please understand this was only a 40-minute work, with time I will eventually get there, and even make it more powerful and easier for our users.

I will probably spend sometime to do the image CSS, resizing/effects options in the upload form etc... I could have used some ready-made upload class for this, but most of them requires to use built-in finfo class for it and my MVC framework use 'autoload()' to load class, so it won't work... I could probably solve this issue with 'autoload()', but wouldn't it be nice to re-invent the wheel once again? I also want to re-invent the form invalidation class... =.=