We can now leave comments on posts!

Spent a few nights designing and building the comment system. Most of the time was working on re-constructing the file system to suit the comment functionality. And finally I just finished the front end art work (CSS and Javascript) and I am quite happen with it.

Take a look  and leave me a comment here :-)

Basically the idea is visitors have to fill out a number of details to post a comment: name, email address, comment message, and a human-verification code (to avoid abuses). Admin can manage comments of each post, by manage I am delete, but no editing allowed.

The most challenging part was the Human-Verification Code part. A code consists of a few random characters is drawn on a picture and displayed to the user, the user has to identify the characters and send it back to the server to qualify to post a comment. Without that, hackers can easily abuse our blog by posting rubbish comments using scripts etc.

I started some basic jQuery tutorial today, and used it in this part of the blog. I realized how powerful and easy it is to pick up! It's just such a great tool for making effects, animation, or working with data so on.